Five Reasons to Survey Your Customers
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     Five Reasons to

 Survey Your Customers

1. Feedback from the "silent majority"

  • Feedback is most often received voluntarily from customers that are very pleased or very unhappy with your products or services.  The majority of customers tend to fall between these two extremes.
  • Surveys provide a forum for this "silent majority" to express their opinions.

2. Identifying problems - Solving problems

  • Customer's perspectives are different from owners or employees.
  • Customers might identify problem areas you do not realize exist.
  • Asking customers how they would solve a problem might lead to solutions previously not considered.

3. Evaluating new ideas

  • Customer's opinions are very important when evaluating whether to make changes in your business.

4. It says you care to listen

  • Taking action on survey feedback sends a message to your customers that you care to listen and take their opinions seriously.

5. Effective advertising material

  • Favourable survey results quoted in advertisements grab peoples attention.

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