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Most businesses have placed considerable resources into creating a web presence, however with this young and constantly changing media, it is often unclear whether the message you wish to communicate is being properly and efficiently received.

Collis & Reed Research, in association with NetStreams, (a design company with 5 years of programming / internet experience) has developed a proactive and integrated approach to evaluate how effective your web presence truly is.

Our Net Effectiveness Service applies a variety of techniques to evaluate:

  • The efficiency and user-friendliness of your site's structure and ease of navigation
  • The effectiveness of the design and graphics on your site
  • The degree to which visitors read and understand the material posted on your site.
  • Visitors' impression of your site.
  • The extent to which your site results in inquiries and/or potential business opportunities
  • How frequently people re-visit your site
  • Where people are learning about you site

The end result of this service is a report that describes the evaluations that were conducted, evaluation findings, and interpretation of these results highlighting both positive features and areas to enhance.

For further information on how our services can assist you, please contact us.

Are you interested in knowing... loyal your customer base is?
..whether your customers have concerns that you were unaware of?
...about products and services that you may not have considered?

Collis & Reed Research can help you with these customer satisfaction issues.

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